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Essentially, it makes the field yo i. Of course, not all settings options for a given method exists for other methods e. Live formatting That's the main new feature on my version of this plugin.

Format Currency Sample

Once you've got the basics, read on for the additional options and features available on my version. This could be achieved with the original plugin with some manual hooking of keypresses and blur events, but it was ugly and not very efficient, specially if you had many fields to format with different currency or number formats. Due to the nature of it, this method is tailored to usage on form input fields. These are: Those are: It's basically a clearer alternative to specifying the option symbol: For the formatCurrencyLive method to be actually useful, you have to set at least one of the options formatOnBlur, formatOnType or filterKeys to true.

1. jQuery Currency

You can use the same options forrmatcurrency on the original plugin, plus: Most of the work is his', I've just currencg a few features and options, and fixed some small issues, so at least most credits goes to him. Once these are called, all subsquent calls to the respective methods will use the new defaults, if no settings are provided. The key code for the keypress event The key code for the keyup event for the decimal point on the main keyboard The key code for the keyup event for the decimal point on the keypad The key codes are numbers, you should seek a Javascript reference to understand their contexts and a table of reference for the codes for each key themselves - this is outside the scope of this documentation.

This option is usually setup automatically by the plugin anyway, it's not meant to be used directly, it's just exposed if you have a very specific need. Usage Refer to Ben's wiki page on his google code page for basic usage.

A jQuery plugin for performance currency. jQuery Thick Currency Plugin. That is a jQuery plugin for actual addition. This library is consistently localized into. Metatrader for nokia c6 free Format Bureau jQuery Plugin. One is curgency continuation / bill to Ben Dewey's plugin with the same name. Spinning of the strategy is his', I've under supplemented a few. a jQuery plugin for withdrawal currency. jQuery Law Currency Plugin. That is a jQuery plugin for income currency. That library is not bad into.

The formatted value; A boolean value specifying wether the input value contains decimals; A string value containing the decimal part, if applicable; A boolean value currenvy wether the value is positive true or not; The full settings object i. I made this change because the previous behavior was confusing and inconsistent at first glance. You use it like this: If you need to check decimal part digits, you can still do it by using the second parameter on the callback function for the event, which will contain the decimals entered.

It's usually not necessary to set this as the plugin is pretty good at inferring which format the input value currently is, but it may be necessary with some currency formats.

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