Delta of an asian option

Our method provides an efficient solution to the hedging strategy with Asian options. For example, end-users lption energies or commodities tend to be exposed to the average prices over time, so Asian options suit their needs. In particular, the underlying is assumed to follow a geometric diffusion process with a constant volatility.

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Asian options also reduce the risk of price manipulation of underlying asset that is thinly traded. The oof of the option must be solved for using iterative techniques like Monte Carlo methodsor analytically using approximating expansions see [3], [5] or by specialized tree based methods. It should also be noted that the discretization of the continuous process could introduce errors see Broadie et al. In this paper, we study the Greeks of Asian arithmetic call option.

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These options have become prevalent in commodity and foreign exchange markets where a party may have regular and ongoing otpion in a optioh instrument and a desire Delts hedge itself against price fluctuations. Then we can numerically simulate independent replicas of. It got its name aroundwhen David Spaughton and Mark Standish worked for Bankers Trust in Tokyo, where they developed the first commercially used pricing formula for options linked to the average price of crude oil. In order to reduce the variance of the estimators, many techniques have been introduced.

This option captures changes in the commodity over the averaging period and is significantly less expensive than the alternative of purchasing a basket of European options each maturing on a given fixing date.

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In particular, we will implement a numerical scheme to compute of Asian arithmetic call option, by Monte Carlo method with a control oc. However, it is possible that transactions are made with irregular sampling periods. Once the approximated pricing formula for the Asian arithmetic option is available, one can obtain the Greeks by applying a shock on the underlying asset price with the finite difference methods. In Section 3we briefly introduce the general principle of Monte Carlo method with some variance reduction techniques.

However, due to the reason of biased estimation and high computation cost, many modified Monte Carlo methods were proposed to estimate the Greeks by simulation. In the last section, we describe the numerical scheme to compute of Asian arithmetic average call option and compare our results with other variance reduction techniques. Monte Carlo methods are important in many situations where the option price admits a simple risk-neutral valuation formula but not a tractable PDE formulation, like Asian option, for example.

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