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The green line on price is drawn for two prro The first is that price paused here which could be attributed to the price where the previous low had been or there were blocks of trades that needed to be unloaded before prices could continue their fall.

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A new PR was formed at that point and it would have been a good place to exit and take partial profit. Because of the short time frame it is quite likely that price would have reacted to the upswing of the PR. Some of that might have been left to the overall direction of the market at the time, the time of day and the condition of the economy. Page 8 9 Example 6 - Tight Drawdown 1. This is a Rs and hold sustem. These trades hold their position for longer then perhaps anticipated yet the loc has a high level of certainty that the trade is going to move in the direction of the signal. The Main Channel Trend is and has been up. Tight drawdown means that position size can be increased.

The trade is placed at the Positive Lllc Point 1. Notice the two horizontal tradinb yellow. The top yellow line is where the entry would have been after the confirmation. Even though price had stayed on the horizontal, RSI was moving up. These are all positive signs that the trade was going to move up. Point 4 is where price took the largest jump pip trade Page 9 10 Example 7 Short-Term Trade M5 Below the Last Rae The set up is the red dashed line indicating the last low on price. Price moves along that line until the Positive Reversal that occurs after a significant penetration of the line red arrow.

The confirming bar on the Positive Reversal was weak in comparison to the Valley Bar and there would be ear question as to whether the penetration was going to take prices Rssi. If the trader entered at the signal, the stop could be anywhere from the spread plus 1 to 10 as our expectation would be that price would at least get back to the support level and perhaps penetrate it. However, in this kind of trade two other considerations could be taken. Take a tight stop at the lowest point of the Confirmation or Valley bar. Wait until prices breaks through the Last Low line and then enter. We could exit at either of the Negative Reversals or wait for RSI to break a channel trend line green dashed line drawn from the signal through the first V formation on RSI.

As long as RSI was climbing we are in the trade. When RSI falls through the channel trend line we exit. This is the case for short term trades but not necessarily true for longer term trades. Page 10 11 Example 8 Short term M5 trade Negative Reversal This trade sets a marker for the last high red resistance line. The objective is to see if price returns to that line and to see if we get a Negative Reversal signal. If we had taken that we would have had a much larger draw down. A signal at resistance didn t occur but it did occur after price penetrated the resistance. The risk was the spread plus 1 which was not needed and price dropped pips.

Page 11 12 Example 9 Looking Ahead Can you predict what is coming next? At the lowest point where we might have expected to get a Positive Reversal we instead got a Positive Divergence s. This would then have us looking for a Negative Reversal as we know that this is what typically follows Positive Divergence. The white arrows show that the Negative Signal came and produced a nice trade. Price above is currently moving sideways under the support of many Positive Divergences. Where will the next trade come? We don t know for sure but the red boxes are high probability locations for a new Negative Reversal signal. Page 12 13 Example 10 - Negative Reversal with Tight Stop This trade is based on where resistance and support had been at the white arrow.

The trade involved locating these two areas and then waiting for a signal at resistance; a Negative Reversal. One other key factor was not taking the earlier signals before economic news and before the NY Stock Exchange had opened. Once we had the signal at the time we wanted we placed the trade with a 14 pip drawdown so that we could maximize our position size. As can be seen the trade made very good profits and in a short time period. Page 13 14 Example 11 Trading off a Resistance Level for a Whole Week This shows how simply trading off a resistance level in a period of consolidation made very good profits.

The Positive Reversals could also have been traded and although not with the same results through the same period would have added to profits. The trader would have traded from signal to signal in this case rather than waiting for prices to come back to or through the resistance level. This works best when there is consolidation. Most of these trades took off immediately or they stopped out. This is about one week of trading on the hourly chart.

Page 15 16 Example 13 Trading in Hourly Consolidation This is an example of trading at resistance and support on an hourly chart. The color and shapes on Price correlate to the color and shapes on RSI. The yellow circle is one trade where you might have had trouble even if you knew you should wait until it reached resistance. You could have entered with a large stop, or waited for the resistance along the top orange line. There was a large price move that went through that line that might have caused most of us to take a loss. Overall this would have been 5 solid trades. The Main Channel is outlined by the descending green lines on the price. The best place to trade a signal is at the edges of the Main Channel or an inner channel when the Main Channel becomes too large.

Drawing channels are subjective however they can help to provide additional information that is helpful when placing a reversal trade. This is discussed at length in RSI Fundamentals: As can be seen price dropped then recovered slightly before dropping again. The Positive Reversal that is circled was created as a result of the slow down in price and was what I call retracement signal more than a reversal. It is signally that momentum has slowed, not that it is changing. This is determined by its location in the overall price movement of this downtrending Main Channel. The red circle is the perfect spot to have caught this. The actual Negative Reversal signal occurred a few hours before.

Depending on the time of day we might have delayed taking this trade or entered at a smaller position to allow for the additional risk. For example, the Asian session might have had less momentum as prices tend to taper off and trade in a tight range until nearing the London session. Secondly, even though I often write about trading Negative Reversals in a downtrend and Positive Reversals in an uptrend there are clear points white arrow that the risk to trade against the trend is rewarding. You can see diagrams of these points in the chapter on Bi-Channels. Last, with the severity of the second decline, trading against the trend Positive Reversals and Negative Divergence would not be recommended.

Page 19 20 Example 17 Risk and Reward This chart is about risk and reward. As you progress as a trader you may decide to take more risks or less, that will depend on your personality and also on the size of your trading account. However, regardless of the size of your account taking unnecessary drawdowns should not be part of any traders plan. Certainly entering at points 1 or 2 would have been good trades in particular if the trader had stayed in the trade to the current price. Depending on the time of the day and if Momentum Type 3 would have been present then this would have been a good entry. Also, the Main channel would have been against these two points as it has now been adjusted for Point 4.

Chances are as price began to rise just ahead of Point 3 many traders would have exited the trade. Position number 3 was not a place to enter, however Position 4 was a perfect location with the exit coming when prices began to leave the lower channel trend line. The point is that trading every signal is not necessary.

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If you have one large loss you now have to make up for that trade. One trade for example at Number 4 with a small tradkng may have been better than the three previous Rs with a loss and small position size. Follow this sequence. RRsi trader may need to zoom out on the trading chart in order to find this Main Channel. Number foreex points to the first Inner Channel trrading leads to the top of the Main Channel and the start of a second Inner Channel at Number 3. Number tradinng is a channel that is drawn Ris the RSI points during the latest price fall. Notice that the channel yellow lines is moving upward. Downtrending llx create ascending channels on RSI.

As long as prices penetrate the bottom of the channel as we see here and continue to create new channels underneath this one, prices will continue down. Notice how the first channel Rsii shifted trrading a pgo channel blue and then shifted back traeing. The shallower shift back purple did not change Rsi pro forex trading system rar llc direction of price, it was still down just not as steep. Many traders wonder when a channel is broken does that mean price has changed. It does not as you can see here.

When price drops steeply or rises steeply in relation to previous moves, price will even out for a variety of reasons. It is not necessary to know why, just that price will eventually reach stability for a least some period of time. The Range Shift came at the far left that culminated in a number of Positive Reversals that set the stage for the first Negative Reversal first white arrow on left that began a series of trades over this plus day period. Notice after the Range Shift there was one Positive Reversal that failed to make much of an impact.

All that followed were Negative Reversals and Positive Divergences. This is further testament to the fact that PDs do not reverse prices and create Momentum Type 1 or retracement momentum. RSI moves up in these channels until it reaches typically a 60 RSI level and then begins to move downward again. It will then start down and penetrate the existing channel, establish a new low and start another channel. Notice however, just because RSI is climbing does not mean prices are climbing so much for overbought and oversold. Prices are going up and the RSI channels are descending and building new channels above the old.

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